“Families of exceptional wealth have complex needs in managing their fortunes. The family office services available through Synergy provide resources and support to enable a family to manage the business of their wealth.

In addition to providing investment management services, we also act as facilitator and coordinator for a family’s financial fabric and help to put in place the many services that uniquely suit the family’s need, goals and objectives.

A fully equipped family office protects client assets by providing for tax and estate planning (including intergenerational wealth transfer planning), consulting and providing various age and stage in life appropriate educational programs for children and other family members and developing appropriate holding structures. Growth in assets is achieved through investment management services by both careful asset allocation and vigorous selection processes for asset managers. In addition, complete control over our client’s wealth is assured through providing for global custody arrangements and efficient reporting and monitoring.”

Jay Oberai, Founder

Our Platform.

Why a Multi-Family Office ?

Our goal is to manage the wealth of some of the world’s most exceptional families. We are driven by a vision to develop close and trusted relationships with our Clients which are based on a deep understanding of their goals, ambitions and lifestyle. Traditionally, very wealthy families have looked to a trusted advisor, typically their private bank or lawyer to manage their affairs. The complexity of today’s financial and legal environment no longer makes this a valid choice. Increasingly, families understand that their needs are not being met by this option and have turned to Synergy to provide them with  a comprehensive and integrated approach to wealth management.

Why Synergy Family Office ?

While there are over 3600 family offices in Switzerland, 80% manage less than 300 million. Only 2 % of all family offices in Switzerland manage more than a billion.

This gives us strength in access the world’s top investment opportunities as well as relationships with large families all around the world.


We co-invest with our clients to provide them with a solid framework during the entire process.

Wealth Preservation & Growth.

Our Asset Management Services.

Our Asset Management Service is one of our core strengths. The Synergy Balanced Portfolio has outperform the market over the last 13 years. This may be exceptional performances, even though they do cover an entire business cycle. We believe the balanced portfolio managed by us over the next ten years should result in annualised returns of a more modest 7% to 8%. Given the opening up of global economies and the advent of major shifts in technology over the next two decades, we are very confident for the world markets. We believe Clients should not miss this opportunity. We will see great periods of growth. We are excited by the prospects. There certainly will be difficult periods, but we will consider them as opportunities.

Life Planning.

Education Management.

Edifice is our teenage management project.

We have brought an incomparable team of teenage psychologists, top economists and leading academics to put together a tailor-made program for each child (from the age of 13) to achieve excellence, preparing them for successful applications to the world’s top universities (such as Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Stanford, LSE, NUS, McGill etc.)

“Your family is, without doubt, the greatest wealth you will ever possess. Edifice will assist you in sculpting your family’s greatness. Take the time to ensure that your children have the skills they need to thrive, the autonomy to make it a reality and the guidance to make success inevitable.”

Strategic Philanthropy.

Your legacy is the part of you that lives on the hearts and minds of others after you are gone. It is the influence you had on your family and loves ones and the impact you had on society.

Families desire and need assistance in transferring their life stories, values and social legacy to those they care about today rather than waiting till the end of their life. Families want to experience the “Good Work” that their life’s effort has achieved, while they are still living. The defining common values by which we identify ourselves as a family, and which shape our family mission, find their most meaningful expression in our charitable endeavors.

Philanthropy not only instills in each of us an active, day-to-day connection to values and ideals that transcend our own personal goals and concerns, but it unites us across the distance of time to future generations of family members. The survival of our families involves more than the management of assets; it requires that our families grow together as well as intellectually, preparing each person, in turn, to give back to future generations.


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